Minty Fresh Boston Upright Piano

Boston UP-118S – White and Mint Green Glossy Finish

Boston is Steinway’s line of pianos, introduced in 1992. Although Steinway designed it, Kawai built it to Steinway’s specifications. All Boston pianos ending in E, except the one built in Indonesia, were manufactured in Japan. This Boston UP-118S Performance Edition upright piano was a delight to refinish. Despite having several issues, Uriel’s Piano was restored and refinished, making it better than new.

Minty Fresh Boston Upright Piano

Refinished Boston UP-118S Performance Edition upright piano

Uriel’s Piano | Dallas, Texas – Well known for its phenomenal piano repair work on classic and vintage Steinways, Uriel’s Piano had the privilege of restoring this modern Boston UP-118S Performance Edition upright piano with a fresh, gloss color scheme.

According to Steinway & Sons, the Boston Piano series was “designed by Steinway employing the unique patents and expertise that have made the name Steinway synonymous with excellence” they explain that “the Boston line of grand and upright pianos represents a singular achievement in instrument building: a superior playing experience at a price level never before thought possible.”

Owner and CEO Uriel Villegas concurs with this statement as he mentioned, “The Boston Series of pianos have great responsiveness, amazing sound, and are incredibly precise instruments for a very reasonable price tag.” The site goes on to say that the Boston Piano series is “a superior musical instrument that can be recognized by the degree to which it allows the player to express vision without interference — with nothing coming between the fingers on the keyboard and the music in the air.”

The original Boston UP-118S Performance Edition upright piano is optimized for any music room or studio, whether professional, school, or home. This model is frequently found in school music rooms and teaching studios, as it performs well and is used by beginners and seasoned professionals.

This particular Boston UP-118S belongs to a private studio in Dallas, and the owner stated that he wanted a fresh look at this somewhat common piano. The decision was made to add gloss finish to a unique color combination—the result… another one of Uriel’s Piano masterpieces.

The piano came in with normal wear and tear and was originally produced in a walnut satin finish with high-end brass hardware. The instrument was taking down to the bones, sanded, sealed, and prepped with a coat of poly sealer and finished with a glossy white and mint green poly coat. The hardware was polished and sealed with a clear lacquer to protect it from tarnishing and add a subtle sheen.

Mark it up as another success story and another addition to Uriel’s Piano — Fine Musical Project Showcase.P