Art Adorned Bush & Gerts Upright

Vintage Bush & Gerts – Chicago Upright with Mahogany Finish and Art Adorned Case

Uriel’s Piano provided exceptional care for this historic piano owned by the Dallas County Courthouse. The piano underwent a complete rebuild, involving gutting, repairing the soundboard, refinishing the harp plate to its original gold color, and replicating the original harp plate art. The piano was then restrung, followed by action-work, voicing, regulating, and hammer-work.

Restoring this work of art was challenging due to the missing veneer and damaged wooden case carvings. However, Uriel’s Piano master technicians tackled this issue by recreating the art pieces by hand. The piano was refinished with a mahogany stain that enhanced the grain, and a satin finish was applied to accentuate the open-grain areas. To enhance the listening experience, a modern self-playing system was installed.